About PuzzleScripts is a showcase site for the Flash Puzzle Game Scripts developed by Scripts you'll find here are Flash Components to help webmasters develop Online Flash Games. We know that Flash is a fantastic environment for creating Online Games, yet it could turn into a nightmare for the developer with it's complex knowledge requirements.

someFrogs are the webdesign team of BuNeKi Farazi Nesriyat Ltd.

Bored from serious corporate webdesign the team now serves some fun to the virtual world. Wondering if baby birds have fear of altitude they decided to see it for them selfs. So this site is a work of an ambitious team hoping to share their experience with the whole world.

someFrogs Digital Games Team
Ikitelli Org. San. Aykosan San. Sit. E Blok No:23
Ikitelli / Istanbul / Türkey

Pnone: +90 212 485 31 59